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Roy, A.

  • Jabalpur Earthquake of May 22, 1997: Constraint from Aftershock Study

  • Evidences of Multiple Deformations Near Amaidegri in the Western Part of the Gangpur Group

  • Computer-Assisted Trend Surface Mapping-An Aid to Geochemical Exploration in the Sargipalli Lead-Zinc Mine Area, Sundergarh District, Orissa (India)

  • A Computer Based Factor Model to Elucidate Secondary Trace-Element Distribution Patterns around the Sargipalli Lead-Zinc Sulphide Deposit, Sundergarh District, Orissa (India)

  • On the Formation of K-Feldspar Augens - An Example from the Central Crystallines of the Bhutan Himalaya

  • Factorial Correspondence Analysis of Spatially Related Multi-Metallic Data along Gangpur-Singhbhum Metallo-Tectonic Belt

  • A Note on the Genesis of Augen-Gneiss Around Kurumda in the Mayurbhanj District, Orissa

  • Rare Earth Element Geochemistry of Selected Mafic-Ultramafic Units from Singhbhum Craton: Implications to Source Heterogeneity

  • Reversal of Signs of Circular Dichroism of Heparin pseudoisocyanine System by Excess of the Polymer

  • Design and Evaluation of Ranitidine Hydrochloride Floating Tablets for Oral Controlled Release