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Raizada, A.

  • Biomass Production and Prediction Models for Acacia nilotica in Salt Affected Vertisols in Karnataka

  • Potential and Prospects of Vegetation Recovery in Degraded Lands in India - a Review

  • Estimation of Carbon Flux Through Litter Fall in Forest Plantations of India

  • Rehabilitation of an Abandoned Limestone Mine in the Lower Western Himalayas - Impact Assessment on Vegetation Development and Floristic Diversity

  • Evaluating Biometric Traits for Selecting Elite Trees in Acacia nilotica (Var. Indica) Based on Progeny Trials in Tropical India

  • Coppice Growth from Tree Species Growing in an Energy Plantation : Effect of Spacing

  • Integrating Ecosystem Conservation and Plant Systematics-New Approaches for Biodiversity Conservation

  • Assessing the Impact of Watershed Development on Energy Efficiency in Groundnut Production Using DEA Approach in the Semi-Arid Tropics of Southern India

  • Groundwater Management and Achieving Equity by Direct Transfer of Electricity Subsidy:A Workable Option

  • Soil organic carbon fractions, carbon stocks and microbial biomass carbon in different agroforestry systems of the Indo-Gangetic Plains in Bihar, India