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Kumar, A.

  • Ethnobotany of Indigofera Cassioides Rottler Ex DC.

  • Towards a Landscape Conservation Strategy: Analysis of Jhum Landscape and Proposed Corridors for Managing Elephants in South Garo Hills District and Nokrek Area, Meghalaya

  • Silvi-pastoral System for Development of Degraded Lands

  • Decomposed Coconut Compith - a Good Nursery Media Mix for Eucalyptus Spp.

  • Toxin Production by Fusarium solani Causing Eucalyptus Wilt

  • Effect of Cadmium Sulphate on Protien and Carbohydrate Level in Brain and Ovary of Fresh Water Fish Heteropneustes fossilis (BLOCH)

  • Effect of Trunk Control Retraining in Hemiparetic Patients with Postural Disturbances

  • An Online Interactive Bibliographic Information Retrieval System

  • Flow measuring devices in surface irrigation for enhancing agricultural water productivity

  • Changes in the Channel Characteristics of Ganga River During Late Pleistocene - Holocene

  • Removal of BOD and COD from Coal-Slurry Transport Wastewater

  • Observations on Clinical Trial of Dexatopic Cream in Some Dermatoses

  • A Study of Geological Setting of Northeastern Part of Chhattisgarh Basin, Mahanadi Graben and Bilaspur-Raigarh-Surguja Gneissic Belt from Gravity Anomalies

  • Snow Depth Estimation in the Indian Himalaya Using Multi-Channel Passive Microwave Radiometer

  • Georeferenced Soil Information System: Assessment of Database

  • Development of Soil and Terrain Digital Database for Major Food-Growing Regions of India for Resource Planning

  • Soil Information System: Use and Potentials in Humid and Semi-Arid Tropics

  • Pedotransfer Functions: A Tool for Estimating Hydraulic Properties of Two Major Soil Types of India

  • Natural Resources of the Indo-Gangetic Plains: A Land-Use Planning Perspective

  • Soil Physical Quality of the Indo-Gangetic Plains and Black Soil Region

  • Impacts of Bioclimates, Cropping Systems, Land Use and Management on the Cultural Microbial Population in Black Soil Regions of India

  • Revisiting Agro-Ecological Sub-Regions of India - A Case Study of Two Major Food Production Zones

  • InfoCrop-Cotton Simulation Model - Its Application in Land Quality Assessment for Cotton Cultivation

  • Soil and Land Quality Indicators of the Indo-Gangetic Plains of India

  • Land Evaluation for Major Crops in the Indo-Gangetic Plains and Black Soil Regions Using Fuzzy Model

  • Impact of Management Levels and Land-Use Changes on Soil Properties in Rice-Wheat Cropping System of the Indo-Gangetic Plains

  • Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nano-Particles by Sol-Gel Method and Drop Wise Mixing Process

  • Appraisal of Functioning of Janani Suraksha Yojna: a Safe Motherhood Intervention in Rural Blocks of Haryana

  • Collaborative Web Recommendation Systems Based on an Effective Fuzzy Association Rule Mining Algorithm (FARM)

  • Role of Magnification in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics in Today's Practice-A Review of Literature

  • Synthesis of Biogas as a Renewable Energy from Organic Waste Mixture by Anaerobic Fermentation

  • Clinical Profile, Pattern of Disease, Duration of Stay and Outcome of Patients Admitted in RICU at Tertiary Care Centre of Rohilkhand Region Bareilly

  • Design and Implementation of Remote Wireless Monitoring and Control of Smart Power System Using Personal Area Network

  • Modelling and Simulation of Object Detection in Automotive Power Window

  • Winter Fog Experiment Over the Indo-Gangetic Plains of India

  • Estimation of Snow Accumulation on Samudra Tapu Glacier, Western Himalaya Using Airborne Ground Penetrating Radar

  • Waste Cooked Oil as an Alternative Feed Stock for Bio-Diesel Production in Indian Railways

  • Nutrigenomic Evaluation of Garlic (Allium sativum) and Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) Leaf Powder Supplementation on Growth Performance and Immune Characteristics in Broilers

  • Light Weight Freight Rolling Stock Bogie Frame:Design Methodology Validated with Field Oscillation Trials

  • Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposited (Pecvd) Silicon-Rich-Nitride Thin Films for Improving Silicon Solar Cells Efficiency

  • Recent Trends in Electroactive Polymer Nanocomposites and Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation Effects on Them

  • An Overview of Requirement Elicitation Techniques by Taking ART SCENE as One of Base Elicitation Tool

  • Odd–Even Traffic Rule Implementation during Winter 2016 in Delhi Did Not Reduce Traffic Emissions of VOCs, Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Carbon Monoxide

  • Evaluation of Maize Inbreds and their Hybrids against Bacterial Stalk Rot, Banded Leaf and Sheath Blight under Mid Hill Conditions

  • Scrotal Circumference:A Predictor of Testosterone Concentration And Certain Attributes Of Seminal Vesicles Influencing Buffalo Male Fertility