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Kulkarni, A. V.

  • Bioefficacy of Flubendiamide 39.35 % SC against Chilli Fruit Borer (Spodoptera litura Fb)

  • Clay Mineralogy of the Soils of Indrayani River Basin, Western Maharashtra, India

  • Snow Depth Estimation in the Indian Himalaya Using Multi-Channel Passive Microwave Radiometer

  • Deployment of Differential Global Positioning System in Regional Gravity Surveys

  • Estimation of Glacier Mass Balance on a Basin Scale:An Approach Based on Satellite-Derived Snowlines and a Temperature Index Model

  • Estimation of Snow Accumulation on Samudra Tapu Glacier, Western Himalaya Using Airborne Ground Penetrating Radar

  • Temporal Change and Flow Velocity Estimation of Patseo Glacier, Western Himalaya, India