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Singh, A. N.

  • Abnormal Seedlings in Dipterocarpus retusus Bl.

  • Shoot Blight Disease Causing Menace in Hollong Nurseries

  • Survival and Growth Pattern of Three Tropical Forest Plantations Raised on Coal-mine Spoils of Central India

  • Nursery Diseases of Dipterocarpus retusus

  • Nursery Diseases of Dipterocarpus retusus

  • Albino Seedling in Dipterocarpus retusus : a new Record

  • Influence of Mulching on Plant Growth Performance in Young Plantation Plots on Coal Mine Spoil

  • Evaluation of Direct Seeding of Tree Species as a Means of Revegetation of Coal Mine Spoils

  • Strategies for the Management of Craspedonta leayana (Coleoptera : Chrysomelidae) in Gmelina arborea

  • Planting Stock Improvement in Gmelina arborea

  • Tree Canopy Development in Young Plantations Raised on Coalmine Spoil Affects the Growth of Herbaceous Vegetation

  • Soil Quality Monitoring of the Barren Sodic Farmer's Fields after Reclamation in the Alluvial Plains of Eastern Uttar Pradesh, India

  • Foliage Injury in the Rudraksha Trees Caused by Frost

  • Contribution to the Botany of the Tarai Forests of the Bahraich District of Uttar Pradesh

  • National Seminar on Gemmology and Pre-Seminar Workshop-Cum-Training Programme on Gems and Gemstones

  • Additions to the Flora of the Indian Desert