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Ganeshamurthy, A. N.

  • Effect of Magnesium on Plant Growth, Dry Matter and Yield in Tomato (Lycipersicon esculentum L.)

  • Integrating Fertilizer N Rates with Organics on Soil-Available Nutrients and Yield of Sapota under Semi-Arid Conditions of Karnataka

  • Effect of Directly-Applied and Residual Boron on Nutrition in French Bean-Cabbage Cropping Sequence under Alfisol

  • Influence of Organic Practices on Growth and Fruit Yield in Papaya Cv. Surya

  • Heavy Metal Contamination of Water Bodies, Soils and Vegetables in Peri-Urban Areas: A Case Study in Bangaluru

  • Effect of Organic Practices on Fruit Quality in Papaya Cv. Surya

  • Effect of Organic Nutrition Practices on Papaya (cv. Surya) Fruit Yield, Quality and Soil Health

  • Environmental Risks Associated with Heavy Metal Contamination in Soil, Water and Plants in Urban and Periurban Agriculture

  • A Market Survey of Vegetables in Bangalore for Heavy Metal Contamination in Relation to Human Health

  • Nutrients Removed from the Soil Decide the Nutritional Security of a Nation:The Case of Iron and Zinc in India

  • Carbon Sequestration Potential of Mango Orchards in the Tropical Hot and Humid Climate of Konkan Region, India

  • Carbon Sequestration Potential of Mango Orchards in India

  • Groundwater Decline and Prolonged Drought Could Reduce Vigour, Enhance Vulnerability to Diseases and Pests and Kill Perennial Horticultural Crops: Needs Urgent Policy Intervention

  • Zinc Status in the Soils of Karnataka and Response of Horticultural Crops to Zinc Application : A Meta-analysis

  • Compositional Nutrient Diagnosis (CND) Norms and Indices for Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)

  • A New Modified Nutrient Media for Cultivation of Actinobacteria