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Sharma, A. K.

  • Effect of Different NPK Doses on the Plant Growth and Rhizome Yield in Curcuma zedoria (Christm.) Rosc. (Karchoor) : a less Known Medicinal Plant Introduced in Uttaranchal

  • Survival of Vetiveria zizanioides (Vetiver) under Fire Hazard - an Observation

  • A Note on the Movement of some Indian Timbers

  • Numerical Classification of some Soils of Bhabar Forest Region of Uttar Pradesh

  • Eucalyptus in Riclamation of Saline and Alkaline Soils in India

  • Soil and Land Use Pattern of a Part of U.P. Tarai and Bhabar Forest-an Aerial-photo Interpretation

  • A New Disease on Uraria picta and its Chemical Control

  • Resource Analysis of Medicinal Herbs of Padder Valley in J&K

  • Modelling the Safe Harvest Limits and Regeneration Rate of Selected Medicinal Plants under Sal Forests of Doon Valley, Uttarakhand, India

  • Impact of Satellite Derived Winds and Cumulus Physics during the Occurrence of the Tropical Cyclone Phyan

  • Management Strategies for Endemic and Threatened Medicinal Plants in India - A Geoinformatic Approach

  • A Database of Diseases of Medicinal Plants in Uttarakhand

  • A Novel Architecture of Perception Oriented Web Search Engine Based on Decision Theory

  • Tectonic Slices of High-Grade Rocks in the Delhi Fold Belt of North-Central Rajasthan

  • The Volcano-Sedimentary Association of the Precambrian Hindoli Supracrustals in Southeast Rajasthan

  • Occurrence of Felsic Volcanics in the Berach Granite Massif of Southeastern Rajasthan

  • Bathymetric Study of the Neotectonic Naini Lake in Outer Kumaun Himalaya

  • Silver in the Uraniferous Limestone at Gogi, Bhima Basin, Gulbarga District, Karanataka

  • Treatment of Gonorrhoea with Intramuscular Oxytetracycline (Terramycin)

  • Determinants in Short Term Prognosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction (in 125 Cases without Intensive Coronary Facilities)

  • Development of Fast Image Analysis Technique for All-Sky Images

  • On the Vertical Wavelength Estimates Using the Krassovsky Parameters of OH Airglow Monitoring

  • Mobile Agent Based Fault Management Paradigms–A Review

  • GB-NClust:A Pioneering Graph-Based Approach for Natural Clustering in Spatial Datasets

  • Changes in Fat Acidities during Storage of Wheat Grains and wholemeal (Atta)

  • Proximate Composition and Fatty Acid Make-Up of some Improved Varieties of Pearl Millet in Punjab

  • Distillery Effluent Induced Changes in Limno-Chemistry of River Narmada at Khedi Ghat, Barwaha, M. P.

  • Lipid and Fatty Acid Composition of Bread Wheats, Durum Wheats and Triticale

  • Effect of Storage of Winter Maize on Quality

  • Efficacy of Pseudomonas fluorescens and Trichoderma viride Based Bioformulation for Management of Bacterial Wilt Disease of Ginger

  • Effect of Storage on the Free Fatty Acid Content of Heated and Unheated Bengal Gram (Cicer arietinum L) Flour

  • Proximate Composition and Nutritive Value of some Improved Varieties of Maize of Punjab

  • A Novel Technique for Back-Link Extraction and Relevance Evaluation

  • Management of Students Performance in Engineering Education:An Analysis

  • Kinetics of Isoamyl Alcohol and Aniline Inhibited Uncatalysed and Ag (I) Catalysed Autoxidation of S (IV) in Acidic Medium

  • Manganese Removal by Low Cost Adsorbent from Synthetic Wastewater-A Review

  • Review on Stabilization of Soil Using Coir Fiber

  • An Efficient User Preference and Page Relevance based Page Ranking Algorithm

  • Comparative Study of Speed of Sound and Isentropic Compressibility of Chlorobenzene+Benzene Binary Mixture From Various Models at Temperature Range 298.15 to 313.15 K

  • Ultrasonic Velocity-Surface Tension Correlation for Multi-Component Systems

  • Two New Records of the Genus Polinices and One of the Natica (Naticidae: Gastropoda: Mollusca) from India

  • Two New Species of Molluscs (Naticidae: Gastropoda) from India

  • Molecular Etiopathology of Naturally Occurring Reproductive Diseases in Female Goats

  • Development of Portable Knapsack Power Weeder

  • Incessant Erosion of High Tidal Mudflats in the Northern Gulf of Khambhat

  • Studies on Apoptotic Changes in Combined Toxicity of Citrinin and Endosulfan in Pregnant Wistar Rats and Their Fetuses

  • Performance Evaluation of Portable Knapsack Power Weeder

  • Efficacy of Ascorbic Acid Treatments in the Production of Green Raisins

  • Potential of Airborne Hyperspectral Data for Geo-Exploration over Parts of Different Geological/Metallogenic Provinces in India based on AVIRIS-NG Observations