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Goel, A. K.

  • Ex-situ Conservation of some Endemic and Threatened Plant Species of India

  • Genetic Variability in Half - Sib Seedlings of Term1nalia arjuna Bedd

  • Mechanical Properties of Sisal (a. Sisalana) Relevant to Harvesting and Fibre Extraction

  • A New Species of Aeschpanthus Jack. (Gesneriaceae) from South Andamans

  • Welwitschia mirabilis-Induction, Growth and Organization of Mature Leaf Callus

  • Fiber Bragg Grating based an Optimal OADM for Performance Enhancement in DWDM using Artificial Neural Network

  • Experimental Analysis and Validation of Optimized OADM System using Artificial Neural Network for WDM System

  • Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Optimal Design of OADM for DWDM Applications

  • Automation for HF Impedance Measurement at National Physical Laboratory

  • Establishing the Induction Hardening Process Parameters of a 6-Cylinder Diesel Engine Crankshaft for Improving the Quality

  • Fatigue Testing Procedure of 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine Crankshaft