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Fazel, Aminallah

  • Predictive of Organizational Efficiency Based on the Quality of Working Life and Personality Traits among Employees Hormozgan Province Gas Company

  • Predict Job Burnout on Organizational Commitment and Perceived Social Support in the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee for Shiraz

  • Forecast Welfare Psychological Wellbeing of Children Based on Child Rearing Methods by Parents and Family Communication Patterns

  • Prediction of Psychological Welfare Based on Defensive Mechanisms and Coping Strategies in People with Positive HIV

  • The Comparison of Mental Health and Coping Styles of Injured Women with those who are not Injured

  • Couple Satisfaction Forecast Based on Five Personality Factors and Coping Strategies in Women with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Shiraz

  • Prediction of Job Performance Based on Self-Efficacy and Resiliency among School Teachers in Shiraz

  • The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Personality Traits with Stress in among Obsessive-Compulsive Patients

  • Relationship Between Organizational Ethical Climate and Counterproductive Work Behaviors with the Moderating Role of Personality Characteristics

  • Forecast of Academic Motivation Based on Parenting and Self-Referencing in Secondary School Students

  • Predicting of Burnout Based on Coping Styles and Personality Characteristics in Principal and Assistant of Primary School Region 5 Education of Tehran