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All areas of human endeavors – thoughts, and actions – involve specializations and relationships. The end-result of these endeavors depends on the level of knowledge, skills and technology. Over the years, we have learned to manage these activities to benefit everyone – the individual, family, society, the nation and the world. The world is made of opposites – right and wrong, good and bad, black and white, pleasure and pain, day and night. They are not opposites, they are complementary. One can’t exist without the other. That is the Law of Nature. We have to understand this fact of life. Pleasure or pain, success or failure, winning or losing . . . it is all in our mind. External things may give us momentary, sensual pleasure. But they can’t keep us happy forever. We should be aware of this limited nature of pleasure, based on our five senses. As Bhagavad-Gita says, our life depends on our actions. If they are good, we will reap good results. If not, we will reap bad results. Our thoughts, words and actions make our life. If they are value-based, we will have a happy life. It is that simple.


Law of Nature, Technology, Right & Wrong, Bhagwad Geetha, Dharma, Management Education, Managers Responsibilities, Good & Bad Use of Technology, Degradation of Environment, Sustainable Development.