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“Every nation has a special genius; and India’s is spirituality, which embraces all aspects of life and relationships”, said Swami Vivekananda, India’s foremost exponent of Indian Heritage and Culture (IHC). Unfortunately, we have adopted a so-called secular policy, whereby spiritual attitude and approaches are not introduced in dayto- day life and work, transactions, relations, education and character building, governance and management, etc. In practice, secularism has even come to mean ‘anti-religion and anti-spirituality’. Even a prayer to God at the beginning of public or educational functions is considered improper! This is unfortunate since, as per IHC, everything in life ought to be done with a spiritual attitude. This article attempts to clarify the real meaning of secularism and spirituality so that teachings of IHC, though appearing to be religious in origin or form, are genuinely secular. Therefore, the teachings of IHC can be suitably adapted and followed by the State, educational institutions and media as well as individuals in their day-to-day life and work as well as in all transactions and relationship.


Indian Heritage, Culture, Secularism, Spirituality, Soul, Karma, Body-Mind-Intellect, Adwaita, Mind, Matter, Catholicity of Hindus.