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Das, Santanu

  • A Brief Experimental Investigation on Wearing of CNT Reinforced Alumina Insert

  • Investigation on Machinability in Finish Turning of AISI 52100 Steel Using Different Tool Inserts in Dry Machining

  • An Experimental Investigation on Grindability of Titanium Grade 1 under Different Environmental Conditions

  • Studying the Performance of Cutting Tools during Turning of Austempered Ductile Iron

  • Estimating the Effect of Cutting Parameters on Surface Finish during High Speed Machining of AISI 1045 Steel Using Taguchi Design and ANOVA

  • Study on Effect of Welding Parameters on Weld Bead Geometry of AC TIG Welding in Aluminium

  • Effect of Exit Edge Beveling on Drilling Burr Formation Under Wet Environment

  • Investigation on Corrosion Resistance of 316 γ Stainless Steel Clad Constructional Steel

  • An Investigation on Machining of Hard AISI 4340 Steel Under Varying Environmental Conditions

  • A Comparative Analysis of Different Multi-Criteria Inventory Control Methods for a Pump Manufacturing Company

  • Abrasive Jet Drilling of Hard Alumina Flat: An Experimental Investigation and Predictive Modeling by ANN