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Asokan, P.

  • Optimization of Machining Parameters for CNC Turning Process Through Hybrid Approach

  • Simultaneous Optimization and Selection of Machining Parameters in Facing of Inconel-718

  • Optimization of Parameters in Electro Chemical Machining Using Non Traditional Techniques

  • Multiple Optimizations for Selection of Machining Parameters of Inconel-718 Material Turning Process

  • Performance Enhancement of Flow Shop Scheduling Using Data Mining

  • Facility Layout Design Using Particle Swarm Approach

  • Routing and Dispatching of Automated Guided Vehicles in a Flexible Manufacturing Systems Using Simulated Annealing Algorithm

  • Selection of Optimal Conditions for CNC Multi-Pass Face Milling System Using Evolutionary Computation

  • Optimization of Electrical Discharge Machining Process Parameters Using Genetic Algorithm

  • Multi-Speed Gearbox Design Using Swarm Intelligence

  • Economical Machining Parameters for Milling Operations by Ants' Colony Algorithm

  • Adaptive Genetic Algorithm Approach for Optimization of Multi Pass Turning Operations

  • Simultaneous Scheduling of Parts and AGVS in an FMS Using Genetic Algorithm

  • Optimization of Machining Parameters for Multi-Tool Milling Operations Using Memetic Algorithm

  • Selection of Optimum Machining Parameters for Surface Grinding Operations Using Simulated Annealing (SA) Algorithm

  • Determination of Optimal Cutting Parameters for the Wire EDM Process using Non Traditional Optimization Techniques