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Jain, P. K.

  • Processing Time Dependent Behaviour of Electrochemical Honing

  • Effect of Electrolytes on Surface Integrity in Electrochemical Honing Process

  • A Comparative Analysis of ECH, PECH and UVECH for Surface Quality Improvement of Bevel Gears

  • Electrochemical Honing of Cylindrical Parts-An overview

  • Study of Bevel Gear Finishing by Abrasive Bonded Gear

  • Electrochemical Honing-An Advanced Process for Gear Finishing

  • Modeling and Analysis of Average Cutting Speed in WEDM of SICP/6061 Al Metal Matrix Composite

  • Effect of Processing Time in High-Precision Finishing of Helical Gear by Pulse-Electrochemical Honing (PECH) Process