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Adhikary, S. P.

  • A Check List of Algae from Chilika Lake, Orissa

  • Cyanobacteria from Two Prehistoric Caves of India

  • Algal Diversity of Loktak Lake, Manipur

  • Algal Diversity of Kaziranga National Park and Majuli River Island Hot Spots in Assam

  • Cyanobacteria in Biological Crusts on Soil and Sub-Aerial Habitats from Different Locations of Eastern India

  • Two New Taxa of Ecballocystopsis (Chlorophyta) from Eastern India

  • New Distributional Record of Three Coccal Green Algae (Chlorococcales, Chlorophyceae) from the Alpine Lakes of Eastern Himalayas, India

  • Algal Diversity in the Streams and Waterfalls of Eastern and North-Eastern Region of India

  • Algal Diversity in Hot Springs of Odisha