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Gogoi, Rajib

  • Impatiens dorjeekhanduii (Balsaminaceae) a New Species of Impatiens from Arunachal Pradesh, India

  • Notes on Impatiens sikkimensis (Balsaminaceae) and Its Recollection after a Century

  • Lectotypification and Amended Description of Two Species of Impatiens (Balsaminaceae) from Northeast India

  • Taxonomic identity and Lectotypification of Colocasia mannii (Araceae), a Little Known Species from Northeast India

  • Impatiens sashinborthakurii (Balsaminaceae) a New Species of Impatiens from Meghalaya, Northeast India

  • Recollection of Impatiens angustiflora (Balsaminaceae) and Notes on its Lectotypificatio

  • Notes on The Recollection and Typification of Impatiens williamsii H. Hara (Balsaminaceae) – A Little Known Endemic Species of Nepal