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Vivek, C. P.

  • A New Species Eragrostis henryi (Poaceae:Eragrostideae) from Tamil Nadu, India

  • On the Confusion in the Identity of Eragrostis atrovirens, E. gangetica and E. nutans

  • A Note on Eragrostis rottleri (Poaceae) and its Lectotypification

  • Eragrostis Jainii (Poaceae: Eragrostideae) a New Species from Kerala, India

  • A Study on the Caryopses Morphology of the Grass Genus Eragrostis in India

  • Lectotypification of Eragrostis maderaspatana

  • On the Identity of Eragrostis dayanandanii (Poaceae) Described from Tamil Nadu, India

  • Microhairs of Indian Eragrostis Wolf (Poaceae) and their Taxonomic Significance

  • On the Identity of Seven Interrelated Species of Eragrostis (Poaceae:Chloridoideae) in India