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Rajendran, A.

  • Eugenia Singampattiana Beddome (Myrtaceae) - its Status after Rediscovery from the Tirunelveli Hills, Tamil Nadu

  • Does Premna Procumbens' Moon (Verbenaceae) Occur in Southern India?

  • Premna Nana Collett & Hemsley-an Addition to the Verbenaceae of India

  • The Occurrence of Premna Lucldula Miq. (Verbenaceae) in India

  • A Note on the Species of Vitex L. (Verbenaceae) Endemic to the Andamans

  • Premna cordifolia (Verbenaceae) - A Variously Misapplied Name

  • Lippia alba (Miller) N.E. Br. Distinct from Lippia javanica (Burm.F.) Sprengel (Verbenaceae)

  • Nomenclatural Changes and Rectifications in the Indian Verbenaceae

  • The Correct Ascription of the Combination Stachytarpheta cayennensis (Verbenaceae)

  • Critical Comments on Clerodendrum farinosum (Roxb.) Wallich Ex Steudel (Verbenaceae)

  • The Status and Affinities of Clerodendrum macrostachyum Turcz. (Verbenaceae)

  • Memecylon rivulare Bremer (Melastomataceae) an Addition to the Indian Flora

  • Clerodendrum andamanense (Mold.) Rajendran & Daniel Stat. & Comb. Nov. (Verbenaceae) - A Rare Species from the Andamans