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Sukumaran, P. V.

  • Aegirine Augite Syenite at Peralimala, Cannanore District, Kerala

  • Petrochemistry and Tectonic Significance of the Peralimala Alkali Granite, Cannanore District, Kerala

  • Origin of Life: from Preblotic Chemistry to the first Replicating Molecule

  • Characterisation of Late Pleistocene Tephra in Deep Sea Sediments of Arabian Sea

  • Occurrence of Chromiferous Lodestone near Chalingal, Kasaragod District, Kerala

  • New Frontiers of Deep-Sea Mineral Exploration and Mining

  • Lava Channel of Khedrai Dam, Northeast of Nasik in Western Deccan Volcanic Province: Detailed Morphology and Evidences of Channel Reactivation

  • Elements that Rule the World: Impending REE Metal Crisis