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Hashimi, N. H.

  • Holocene Limestones of Part of the Western Continental Shelf of India

  • Programme for Computation of Grain-Size Data on Programmable Desk Calculators

  • Gypsum Crystals in the Inner Shelf Sediments off Maharashtra, India

  • Heavy Minerals in the Sediments on the Outer Continental Shelf between Vengurla and Mangalore on the West Coast of India

  • Surficial Sediments of the Continental Shelf off Karnataka

  • Clay Mineral Distribution on the Kerala Continental Shelf and Slope

  • Holocene Sea Level Fluctuations On Western Hndian Continental Margin: An Update

  • Bathymetric Study of the Neotectonic Naini Lake in Outer Kumaun Himalaya

  • Has Sea Level Fluctuations Modulated Human Settlements in Gulf of Khambhat (Cambay)?