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Valdiya, K. S.

  • The Calc Zone of Pithoragarh, with Special Reference to the Occurrence of Stromatolites

  • Neotectonic Lake and Vertebrate Fossils in Hemavati Catchment, Hassan District, Karnataka

  • An Outline of the Stratigraphy and Structure of the Southern Part of Pithoragarh District, Uttar Pradesh

  • Stromatolites of the Lesser Himalayan Carbonate Formations and the Vindhyans

  • Lithology and Age of the Tal Formation in Garhwal, and Implication on Stratigraphic Scheme of Krol Belt in Kumaun Himalaya

  • An Outline of the Structural Set-Up of the Kumaun Himalaya

  • Discovery of Late Palaeozoic Brachiopod in the Upper Krol of the Nainital Hills, Kumaun Himalaya

  • Geomorphologic Development Across the Active Main Boundary Thrust, An Example from the Nainital Hills in Kumaun Himalaya

  • Tectonometamorphic Evolution of the Great Himalayan Thrust Sheets in Garhwal Region, Kumaun Himalaya

  • Geology of Higher Central Himalaya

  • 'People's Participation on Himalayan Ecosystem Development'

  • Active Himalayan Frontal Fault, Main Boundary Thrust and Ramgarh Thrust in Southern Kumaun

  • Proceedings of a discussion Meeting on Continuing Crustal Deformation in Southern Peninsular India

  • Bathymetric Study of the Neotectonic Naini Lake in Outer Kumaun Himalaya

  • The Gondwana Master Basin of Peninsular India (1995)

  • The Tectonic Evolution of Asia (1996)

  • Late Quaternary Movements and Landscape Rejuvenation in Southeastern Karnataka and Adjoining Tamil Nadu in Southern Indian Shield

  • Catastrophic Landslides in Uttaranchal, Central Himalaya

  • River Response to Neotectonic Activity: Example from Kerala, India

  • Trans-Himadri Fault: Tectonics of a Detachment System in Central Sector of Himalaya, India

  • Himalayan Collision Tectonics

  • Late Quntenary Reactivation of a Synclinally Folded Nappe in Kumaon Lesser Himalaya

  • Role of Earth Sciences in Integrated Development and Related Societal Issues

  • River Response to Continuing Movements and the Scarp Development in Central Sahyadri and Adjoining Coastal Belt

  • River Response to Continuing Movements and the Scarp Development in Central Sahyadri and Ad Joining Coastal Belt

  • Fluvial Geomorphic Evidence for Late Quaternary Reactivation of a Synclinally Folded Nappe in Kumaun Lesser Himalaya

  • Professor R. C. Misra - a Tribute

  • Radical Restructuring of Earth-Science Education

  • High Dams in Central Himalaya in Context of Active Faults Seismicity and Societal Problems

  • Rb-Sr Ages of Granitic Rocks Within the Lesser Himalayan Nappes, Kumaun, India

  • Review

  • Some Burning Questions Remaining Unanswered