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Vallinayagam, G.

  • Zircons from the Granitic Rocks of the Malani Igneous Suite : Morphological and Chemical Studies

  • Volcanic Vent in Nakora Ring Complex of Malani Igneous Suite, Northwestern India

  • High Heat Production Granites from the Piplun and Kundal Areas, Malani Igneous Suite, Western Rajasthan

  • Bombolai Continental Pillow Lavas (Neoproterozoic) from Trans-Aravalli Region, Pali District, Rajasthan and their Tectonic Significance

  • Orbicular Rhyolite of Dhiran Area, Malani Igneous Suite, Barmer District, Western Rajasthan

  • Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Granite in Kundal Area, Malani Igneous Suite, Western Rajasthan

  • Radioactive Element Distribution and Rare-Metal Mineralization in Anorogenic Acid Volcano-Plutonic Rocks of the Neoproterozoic Malani Felsic Province, Western Peninsular India

  • Peralkaline-Peraluminous A-Type Rhyolites, Siwana Ring Complex, Northwestern India: Petrogenetic Modelling and Tectonic Implications