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Mishra, B.

  • Fluid Inclusion Characteristics of Tin Bearing Pegmatites of Malkangiri District, Orissa

  • A Diffuse Reflectance Study of Synthetic Acanthite, Stibnite and Bournonite

  • Ore Mineralogy and Fluid Inclusion Characteristics of Different Ore Associations from Malanjkband Copper Deposit, M. P. (India)

  • Morphological Changes of Coastal Landforms around Southern Ganjam Coast, Orissa

  • Report on the 32nd International Geological Congress, Florence, Italy

  • Report on the Short Term Course on Fluid Inclusions in Minerals: Methodologies, Practice and Applications

  • Report on the International Symposium on "Assembly and Breakup of Rodinia and Gondwana and Growth of Asia", Held at Osaka City University, Japan

  • Fluid Evolution of the Mosabani and Rakha Copper Deposits, Singhbhum District, Jharkhand: Evidence from Fluid Inclusion Study of Mineralized Quartz Veins

  • Paleoproterozoic Quartz-Pebble Conglomerate Type Uranium Mineralisation in Mankarhachua Area, Angul District, Orissa