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Balakrishna, N.

  • Exposure Assessment of Artificial Sweeteners among Type 2 Diabetic, Overweight and Obese Individuals

  • Models for the Patterns of Growth by Socio-Economic Status

  • Validity of Human Development Index

  • Relative Utility of Various Anthropometric Indices for the Nutritional Assessment of Pregnant Women

  • Relative Merits of some Anthropometric Indices for Use among School Age Children and Adolescents

  • Growth and Development of Infants in Urban Slums of Hyderabad

  • Critical Limits of some Anthropometric Measurements and Indices for the Assessment of Nutritional Status

  • A Raw Food Based Quantitative Food Frequency Questionnaire to Assess Long-Term Dietary-Intake Among Urban Adults of South India:Relative Validity and Reproducibility