The International Journal of the Arts in Society: Annual Review

The International Journal of the Arts in Society: Annual Review

Publisher: Common Ground Publishing
Editor: Mario Minichiello
Online ISSN: , Print ISSN: 1833-1866
Frequency: Quarterly


The Arts in Society knowledge community aims to create an intellectual frame of reference for the arts and arts practices, and to create an interdisciplinary conversation on the role of the arts in society. It is intended as a place for critical engagement, examination, and experimentation of ideas that connect the arts to their contexts in the world, on stage, in museums and galleries, on the streets, and in communities. Articles published in Common Ground's Arts in Society Collection range from the expansive and philosophical to finely grained analysis based on deep familiarity and understanding of a particular area of arts knowledge or arts practice. They bring into dialogue artists, theorists, policymakers, and arts educators, to name a few of the stakeholders in this conversation.

Table of Contents

Vol 9, No 0 (2015)


Interrogating Women's Experience of Ageing: Reinforcing or Challenging Cliches?
Susan Hogan
 Vol 9, No 0 (2015), Pagination: 1-18
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What to do with Mediocre Painting? The (Ab)uses of Vincenzo Chilone's The Return of the Horses to San Marco
Thomas E. Schweigert
 Vol 9, No 0 (2015), Pagination: 19-36
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