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Singh, D. K.

  • Modelling of Declining Groundwater Depth in Kurukshetra District, Haryana, India

  • Estimation of Crop Coefficients and Water Productivity of Mustard (Brassica juncea) under Semi-Arid Conditions

  • Modelling Vadose Zone Processes for Assessing Groundwater Recharge in Semi-Arid Region

  • Temporal Change and Flow Velocity Estimation of Patseo Glacier, Western Himalaya, India

  • Modelling of Climate-Induced Groundwater Recharge for Assessing Carbon Emission from Groundwater Irrigation

  • Assessing Water Footprints and Virtual Water Flows in Gomti River Basin of India

  • Study of a Snow Avalanche Accident Along Chowkibal–Tangdhar Road in Kupwara District, Jammu and Kashmir, India

  • Udaria-A New Liverwort Genus of Lophocoleaceae from Eastern Himalaya, India

  • Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Drought and Aridity in Gomti Basin

  • Wheat Production Functions Under Irrigated Saline Environment and Foliar Potassium Fertigation