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Gehlot, Sangeeta

  • Historical Perspectives of Nutrition Science: Insights from Ayurveda

  • Affiliation among Infantile Age, Morbidity and Prakriti (Physical Constitution): A Longitudinal Preliminary Study

  • A Scientific Exploration on Concept of Chronomedicine and Chronotherapy in Ayurveda

  • Basis of Disease Manifestation:A Molecular and Ayurvedic Approach with an Integrated Concept of Ayurgenomics

  • Ayurveda Insights on Physiology of Sweating and Thermoregulation

  • Variations of Human Milk Compositions as per Prakriti (Psychosomatic Constitution):A Pilot Study

  • Effect of Circuit Training and Yogasanas on Cardiovascular Endurance, Inspiratory Capacity and Forced Vital Capacity among Sports Person with Special Reference to Prakriti