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Objective: The purpose of the present study was to investigate the effect of Azadirachta indica leaves on the ultrastructural changes in the prostate gland and vas deferens of albino rates. Materials and methods: Male adult albino rats (Wistar strain) were administered A. indica leaf powder (orally) at a daily dose of 100 mg/rat for 24 days. At autopsy, the tissues after fixation by vascular perfusion were processed for the ultrastructural studies. The section were scanned on the electron microscope. Results: The ultrastructural observations revealed structural changes in the cytoplasmic organelles. The microvilli were lacking and hte lysosomal bodies were scattered and disturbed. Chromatin material in the nuclei was decreased and the cytoplasm was highly vacuolated. The nuclei were indented and the mitochondria were atrophic. The microfilaments in the lumen were lacking, coated pits and the pear shaped vesicles were disturbed. Lipid droplets and lipofusion material was seen in the electron dense bodies of the cell and the Golgi complex was highly disturbed. These changes indirectly indicate androgen deficiency. Conclusion: It is suggested that the effects may be possibly, due to direct or indirect action of antiandrogenic properties of A. indica leaves leading to androgen deficiency.


Azadirachta indica, Albino Rats, Prostate, Vas Deferens Ultrastudy
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