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Background: Oral mucositis induced by cancer therapy alters cancer patient’s life. Nutraceuticals these days is for their various activities which could neutralize the toxicity induced by cancer treatment. Purpose: Comparision between the effect of grape seed and fruits of Physalis peruviana methanol extract in reduction of mucositis induced by Cetuximab drug. Study Design: Animal study. Methods: 60 male rats divided into 6 groups as 10 in each group. Control group of rats with no intervention given. The other 5 groups were given Cetuximab drug alone or with grape seed extract (simultaneously or 1 week before Cetuximab drug) or Physalis extract (simultanously or 1 week before Cetuximab drug). After sacrifice, tongue was dissected and tissue preparation was done for all samples. Digital counting was done by image analyzer computer system for (a) filliform papillae in H&E stained sections, (b) mast cells in mast cell tryptase stained sections to assess inflammation. The area percent for bax immune-expression in other immune stained sections were also measured done to assess apoptosis. Results: The difference between the groups was assessed for statistical significance (P<0.0001) by ANOVA test. The greatest mean number of filiform papillae was recorded in control group I. Greatest mean number of mast cells and the greatest mean area percent of bax immune expression were recorded in group II. Conclusion: Grape seed extract and Physalis extract could neutralize the harmful effect of cancer therapy. Physalis extract had more potent effect in reducing the inflammation induced by Cetuximab drug.


Anti-inflammatory Effect, Cetuximab, Mucositis, Physalis peruviana.
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