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Ayurveda and contemporary science comprehends human body as model to understand disease state from very different perspective hence their methodology to describe disease manifestation also seems very different as they observe same problem from different viewpoints. For more precision in healthcare system it is essential that best of both systems need to be integrated, In Ayurvedic texts, the description of concept of basic constitution/Prakriti in health and disease states is well described. The scripts are not clearly understandable and hence its importance has not been properly understood by contemporary biological researchers and thus not utilized. According to Ayurveda individual’s basic constitution (Prakriti) influences and directs one’s disease status, its treatment & lifestyle regimen. In genomics, individual’s basic constitution is decided by its genetic makeup. The current trend in Ayurveda-related biomolecular studies is establishment of high correlation between Prakriti and Genomics. This approach of Ayurgenomics would facilitate the development of alternative methods for cost effective screening of predisposed individuals in the population. This would result in development of an integrated approach to systems biology for disease and health state. For the establishment and success of this concept the prerequisite is integration of Ayurveda into mainstream contemporary biology to achieve global acceptability for the concepts and science of Ayurveda, and for this Ayurvedic concept based phenotypic (Prakriti) assessment needs to be made so that difference among individuals from large population based on their physical, physiological and psychological status can be observed and they can be categorized by their specific predominant Prakriti i.e. Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Information about individual predominant Prakriti can be further analyzed on certain genomic parameters related to gene expression, genetic, epigenetic and biochemical factors, which can be further utilized for Integration of Ayurveda with Genomics for systems biology approach in predictive and personalized medicine.


Ayurgenomic, Genome, Prakriti, System Biology.
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