Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Infectious Diseases

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Infectious Diseases

Publisher: Hindawi Limited
Editor: Dr. Fernando Abad-Franch
Online ISSN: 1687-7098, Print ISSN: 1687-708X
Frequency: Annual


Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Infectious Diseases is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles, review articles, and clinical studies related to all aspects of infectious diseases.

Table of Contents

Vol 2016 (2016)

Research Article

Medical Device-Associated Candida Infections in a Rural Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital of India
Sachin C. Deorukhkar, Santosh Saini
 Vol 2016 (2016), Pagination: 1-5
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Bacteriospermia and Its Impact on Basic Semen Parameters among Infertile Men
Sangeetha Vilvanathan, Balan Kandasamy, Abiramy Lakshmy Jayachandran, Sarasa Sathiyanarayanan, Vijayalakshmi Tanjore Singaravelu, Veeraraghavan Krishnamurthy, Vanithadevi Elangovan
 Vol 2016 (2016), Pagination: 1-6
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Correlation between Trichomonas vaginalis and Concurrency:An Ecological Study
Chris R. Kenyon, Deven T. Hamilton
 Vol 2016 (2016), Pagination: 1-5
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Impact of HIV Infection and Zidovudine Therapy on RBC Parameters and Urine Methylmalonic Acid Levels
Adewumi Adediran, Vincent Osunkalu, Tamunomieibi Wakama, Sarah John-Olabode, Akinsegun Akinbami, Ebele Uche, Sulaimon Akanmu
 Vol 2016 (2016), Pagination: 1-5
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Ulcerative Colitis and Its Association with Salmonella Species
Manish Kumar Tripathi, Chandra Bhan Pratap, Vinod K. Dixit, Tej Bali Singh, Sunit K. Shukla, Ashok K. Jain, Gopal Nath
 Vol 2016 (2016), Pagination: 1-7
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Parasitaemia and Its Relation to Hematological Parameters and Liver Function among Patients Malaria in Abs, Hajjah, Northwest Yemen
Mohamed Al-Salahy, Bushra Shnawa, Gamal Abed, Ahmed Mandour, Ali Al-Ezzi
 Vol 2016 (2016), Pagination: 1-5
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Using MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry to Identify Drug Resistant Staphylococcal Isolates from Nonhospital Environments in Brunei Darussalam
Ko S. Chong, Siti A. Shazali, Zhen Xu, Ronald R. Cutler, Adi Idris
 Vol 2016 (2016), Pagination: 1-5
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Circulating Interferon-Gamma Levels Are Associated with Low Body Weight in Newly Diagnosed Kenyan Non-Substance Using Tuberculosis Individuals
Nathan Shaviya, Valentine Budambula, Mark K. Webale, Tom Were
 Vol 2016 (2016), Pagination: 1-9
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Review Article

The Optimal Management of Acute Febrile Encephalopathy in the Aged Patient:A Systematic Review
Fereshte Sheybani, HamidReza Naderi, Sareh Sajjadi
 Vol 2016 (2016), Pagination: 1-13
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