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Gamble, J. S.

  • Memorandum on the Different Species of Prosopis

  • A Manual of Indian Timbers

  • A Short Account of the Forests of the Northern Forest Circle, Madras Presidency

  • Wood for Cigar-boxes, &c.

  • Notes on a Forest Tour in Bavaria

  • Notes on a Tour in the Forests of the Austrian Salzkammergut

  • Treatment of Bamboos

  • The Nilgiri 'Strobilanthes'

  • Notes on the Small Bamboos of the Genus Arundinaria

  • Mineral Deposits in Wood

  • The Treatment of Bamboo Forests

  • The Electrical Plant of India

  • The Ferns of Pachmarhi and those of Mahendragiri

  • The Advantage of Preliminary Practical Work in the Training of Forest Officers

  • Instruction in Forestry at Coopers Hill

  • On the Determination of the Fungi which Attack Forest Trees in India

  • Forestry at the Paris Exhibition of 1900

  • Grass for Paper Manufacture

  • On Certain Important Forest Questions

  • Some Reminiscences of the 'Seventies'