Vol 137, No 8a (2011)

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Vol 137, No 8a (2011)

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Assisted Natural Regeneration as a Tool for Forest Rehabilitation under JFM - an Analysis of Current Processes and Scope of Refinement
A. K. Bansal, P. R. Choudhury, M. G. Gogate
 Vol 137, No 8a (2011), Pagination: 1-10
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Policy Analysis, Implementation and Future Prospects of JFM in India
V. K. Bahuguna, Hilaluddin
 Vol 137, No 8a (2011), Pagination: 11-20
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Policy Changes in Status of Forest Ownership from 1865 to 2006 - Journey from Government Owned to Private Ownership - an Analysis
R. K. Upadhyay
 Vol 137, No 8a (2011), Pagination: 21-26
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Building Entrepreneurial Capabilities in Scheduled Areas of Orissa
K. D. Singh, Bhaskar Sinha, Pravat C. Sutar
 Vol 137, No 8a (2011), Pagination: 27-32
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Systemic Symbiosis Management (SSM) : an Approach other than Joint Forest Management - the Case of Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, 1985
Vinod Rishi
 Vol 137, No 8a (2011), Pagination: 33-42
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Joint Forest Management in Retrospect
V. K. Melkani
 Vol 137, No 8a (2011), Pagination: 43-47
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Community Conserved Areas in North East India: some Observations in Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh
Sudipto Chatterjee, Sonali Ghosh, Jayanta Sarma, S. K. Barik, B. K. Tewari, Kulen Chandra Das
 Vol 137, No 8a (2011), Pagination: 48-61
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Reorienting Community Institutions: for Cohesive Management of Natural Resources
R. S. Pathan
 Vol 137, No 8a (2011), Pagination: 62-69
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People's Participation in Forest Management
Harsha Hegde, Samom Khelen Singh, Nagaraj Hegde, N. S. Thakur, S. K. Jha
 Vol 137, No 8a (2011), Pagination: 70-75
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Status of Joint forest Management Plantations on Removal of Physical Barriers in Utiara Kannada District, Karnataka
G. T. Hegde, I. K. Murthy, N. H. Ravindranath, D. M. Bhat
 Vol 137, No 8a (2011), Pagination: 76-86
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Joint Forest Management in Kamraj Forest Division Zangli Kupwara Kashmir (J & K): a Case Study
Sajad Razvi, Rashmi Agarwal, S. Nautiyal, M. Ayoub Dar
 Vol 137, No 8a (2011), Pagination: 87-90
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Utilization and Management of Forest Resources: under the Ambit of JFM-a Case Study of Ausgram Forest Beat of Burdwan District in West Bengal
Siuli Batabyal, Mobina Parvhn, Jagatpati Tah, Ratan Banerjee
 Vol 137, No 8a (2011), Pagination: 91-95
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A Model for Periodical Augmentation of Income of the Communities Involved in Shelterbelt Plantations
M. Balaji, M. V. Rao, N. Rama Rao
 Vol 137, No 8a (2011), Pagination: 96-99
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Community Forestry: a Viable Option for Forest Management
Suman Kumar Jha, Harsha Hegde, N. S. Thakur
 Vol 137, No 8a (2011), Pagination: 100-104
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Sustainable Management of Non-timber Forest Produce through Joint Forest Management
Ashok K. Pandey, Pankaj Bhargava, M. S. Negi
 Vol 137, No 8a (2011), Pagination: 105-113
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Research Notes

Participatory Forest Management and its Role in the Development of Fringe Forest Villages of Bilaspur Forest Division of Chhatiisgarh
Sheikh Iqbal, S. C. Tiwari
 Vol 137, No 8a (2011), Pagination: 114-115
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Views And Expressions

Is Keynes Relevant for Sustainable Management of Natural Resources?
B. K . P. Sinha
 Vol 137, No 8a (2011), Pagination: 116-118
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Letters To The Editor

Empowering JFM Committees-learning from Orissa Forestry Sector Development Project
Vinod Kumar
 Vol 137, No 8a (2011), Pagination: 119-120
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