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Vijay, Vani

  • A Simple Variable THD Load Emulation Technique for Performance Evaluation of Power Supply Equipment

  • Micro controller programming for PWM control of MOSFET based converters

  • Novel load emulation technique for performance evaluation of isolated solar PV system under varying load conditions

  • Effect of Climatic Conditions on the Performance of Solar PV Inverters

  • 3-D Space Vector Modulation Algorithm for Multilevel Inverters in Abc Coordinates for Solar PV Applications

  • Solar PV based switched reluctance motor drive for low power medium speed applications

  • Design and testing of a novel single-stage half-bridge AC-DC converter for battery charging

  • Effect of ambient temperature on the performance of power electronic converters

  • Design of AC-DC converter with reduced harmonics and output ripples using active power factor correction technique

  • Input and Output Distortions in the Operation of Stand alone Solar PV Inverters and Method for Compensation

  • Analysis of DC Link Capacitor Performance and Capacitor Life In Back to Back Converters With Respect to Converter Switching

  • HERIC Configuration Based Back To Back Converter With Reduced Losses For Regenerative Load Applications

  • Load Emulators for Testing of Power Supplies - A Review