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Biswal, T. K.

  • Deformational History of Eastern Ghat Mobile Belt Around Lathore, Balangir District, Orissa

  • Rb-Sr Age and Sr Isotopic Composition of Alkaline Dykes near Mumbai: Further Evidence for the Deccan Trap-Reunion Plume Connection

  • Pseudotachylites of the Kui-Chitraseni Shear Zones of the Precambrian Aravalli Mountain, Rajasthan

  • Deformation of Terrane Boundary Shear Zone (Lakhna Shear Zone) between Eastern Ghats Mobile Belt and Bastar Craton in Balangir and Kalahandi Districts, Orissa

  • A Study of Mylonites from Parts of the Salem-Attur Shear Zone (Tamil Nadu) and its Tectonic Implications