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Singh, Sushil Kumar

  • Fabrication of Nano-Piezoelectric Thin Films for MEMS Applications

  • Development of Electrochemical Assay Kit for the Measurement of Nitrite/Nitrate Using Microelectrode Immobilized with Carbon Nanotubes and Copper, Zinc Superoxide Dismutase

  • Analysis of Software Testing Techniques: Theory to Practical Approach

  • Early Temple Architecture-A Numismatic Approach

  • A Preliminary Study on Liverworts and Hornworts of Tripura, North-East India

  • Description of Six New Species and Two New Infraspecific Taxa of Lejeuneaceae (Marchantiophyta) from India

  • Contribution to the Liverwort and Hornwort Flora of Jharkhand

  • Numerically Investigation on Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Behavior of MWCNT Nanofluid in MCHS

  • Recent glacier area changes in Himalaya–Karakoram and the impact of latitudinal variation