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Wani, Suhas P.

  • ICRISAT, India Soils:Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

  • Natural Chemical Degradation of Soils in the Indian Semi-Arid Tropics and Remedial Measures

  • Soil Mapping and Variety-Based Entry-Point Interventions for Strengthening Agriculture-Based Livelihoods - Exemplar Case of 'bhoochetana' in India

  • Land Use and Cropping Effects on Carbon in Black Soils of Semi-Arid Tropical India

  • Nitrogen Response of Sweet Sorghum Genotypes during Rainy Season

  • A Simple and Farmer-Friendly Decision Support System for Enhancing Water Use Efficiency in Agriculture:Tool Development, Testing and Validation

  • Conservation Agriculture for Improving Water Productivity in Vertisols of Semi-Arid Tropics

  • Livelihood System Assessment and Planning for Poverty Alleviation:A Case of Rainfed Agriculture in Jharkhand

  • Resilience of the Semi-Arid Tropical Soils

  • Comparative Evaluation of Protein Content in Groundnut Samples by near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy and Skalar Colorimetric Methods

  • Preface:Soil and Water Management

  • Natural Water Remediation: Chemistry and Technology