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Raghuvanshi, Sona

  • Hostility, Guilt Feeling, Conflict over Hostility and Approval Motive in Criminals and Non-criminals

  • Approval Motive and Depression in Criminals and Non-Criminals

  • Social Evaluative Anxiety, Hostility, Guilt Feeling, and Conflict over Hostility in Criminals and Non-criminals

  • Effect of Ineffective Leadership on Turkish Economy

  • Organizational Strategy to Wind Up Harley Davidson Operation in India

  • Lay Off vs Pay Cut: A Major Strategic Decision for GoAir

  • Depression, Hostility, Guilt Feeling and Conflict Over Hostility in Criminals and Non-Criminals:A Comparative Study

  • Social Transformation Led by Gig Economy

  • Experiential Economy:The New Way of Life in the Modern World

  • The Deleterious Effect of Air Pollution and its Remedial Measure

  • Parental Factors and Criminal Behavior