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Rao, Shobha

  • Risk of High Blood Pressure in Undernourished and overnourished Adolescents from Urban Population in India

  • Obesity and Hypertension among Urban Affluent Adult Males from Pune, India

  • Maternal Food Consumption Patterns and Risk of Low Birth Weight in Rural Maharashtra

  • Dietary Fats Discriminate Risk for Abdominal Obesity and Glucose Metabolism among Urban Affluent Adult Males in Pune, India

  • Adverse Anthropometric Profile and Blood Pressure among Young (<40 yrs) Urban Adult Males from Pune, India

  • Variations in Energy Intake Relative to Height Increment among Adolescent Girls

  • Manifestation of Non Communicable Disease Risks among Overtly Undernourished Young (<30 Yrs) Rural Adults in India-Pune Rural Cohort

  • Shifting Dietary Patterns Contribute to the Risk of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome Among Urban Affluent Men in India