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Ray, S.

  • Why People do not Donate Blood? A Descriptive Study from an Urban Slum in India

  • Metamorphic Belts in Singhbhum, Manbhum and Chhota Nagpur, E. India

  • The Plutonic Concept

  • Structure of the Type Charnockite Area Near Madras

  • A Study on Palaeocurrent in Western Vindhyan Basin

  • Design and Optimization of Famotidine Multiparticulate System through Mixture Experimental Design - a Novel Approach

  • Proterozoic Rock Suites along South Purulia Shear Zone, Eastern India: Evidence for Rift-Related Setting

  • Disconnect in Food Safety Practices in Rural Households: Personal Hygiene and its Impact on Hand Cleanliness and Prevalence of Diarrhoea

  • Design, Evaluation and Statistical Optimization of Diazepam Loaded Controlled Release Micropellets

  • Study of Fusion Zone of Weldments under Manual Metal Arc Welding

  • Studies on the Effects of Welding Speed and Welding Heat on Depth of Heat Affected Zone and Penetration in Single Run Submerged Arc Automatic Square Butt Welding

  • Study on Influence of Welding Parameters on Hardness of Welds in Submerged Arc Butt Welding

  • Soft Set and Soft Group from Classical View Point

  • Effects of Heat Input and Nature of Impact Fracture in the Heat Affected Zones in Arc Welding

  • Spark Erosion Machine : A New Endeavour in Machining Methods

  • Computer-Based Study on the Estimation of Residual Stresses

  • Residual Stress in Weldments : Feasibility of its Determination by the Non-Destructive Method Based on Directional Hardness

  • Design, Construction and Calibration of an Accelerometer

  • Magnesium Oxide Content in Portland Blast-Furnace Slag Cement

  • Investigation Into Optimal Mechanical Properties for Arc Welded Butt Joints