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Ramasamy, S.

  • Dropstones in Talchir Sediments of Palar Basin, Tamil Nadu - Implications on Depositional Conditions and Paleoclimate

  • Microtextures on Quartz Grains of Campanian-Maastrichtian Sediments of Ariyalur Group of Tiruchirapalli Cretaceous, Tamil Nadu - Implication on Depositional Environments

  • Depositional Environment of Cuddalore Sandstone Formation, Tamil Nadu

  • Geology, Petrography and Systematic Stratigraphy of Pre-Ariyalur Sequence in Tiruchirapaui District, Tamil Nadu, India

  • Rare Earth Element Geochemistry of a Sediment Core from the Lower Bengal Fan

  • Rare Earth Elements in Limestones of Kallankurichchi Formation of Ariyalur Group, Tiruchirapalli Cretaceous, Tamil Nadu

  • Petrography and Geochemistry of Pre-Ariyalur Sequence in Perambalur District, Tamil Nadu-Implications on Depositional Environment and Palaeoclimate

  • Depositional and Diagenetic Inferences of a Shallow Core near Tuticorin Coast, Tamil Nadu

  • Provenance and Depositional History of Sandstones from the Upper Miocene Kudankulam Formation, Tamil Nadu

  • Petrography and Surface Textures on Quartz Grains of Nimar Sandstone, Bagh-Begs, Madhya Pradesh - Implications for Provenance and Depositional Environment

  • Magnetic Susceptibility Study of Late Maastrichtian Sediments of Ariyalur Group of Tiruchirapalli Cretaceous, Tamil Nadu

  • Petrography and Major Element Geochemistry of Late Maastrichtian- Early Palaeocene Sediments of Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu - Palaeoweathering and Provenance Implications

  • Stable Isotope Geochemistry and Evidence for Meteoric Diagenesis in Kudankulam Formation, Tamil Nadu

  • Clay Mineral Assemblages and Rare Earth Element Distribution in the Sediments of Ariyalur Group, Tiruchirapalli District, Tamil Nadu-Implication for Paleoclimate

  • Inferences on Rhodoids from Neogene Carbonates of Kudankulam, Tamil Nadu

  • Ooids in Sillakkudi Formation of Ariyalur Group of Tiruchirapalli Cretaceous, Tamil Nadu: Implications for Origin and Depositional Environment

  • Experimental Investigation of Solar Water Heater with Thermal Energy Storage System

  • Performance of Leakage Power Minimization Technique for CMOS VLSI Technology

  • A Robust Flip-Flop for Industrial Applications

  • Design and Implementation of High Speed Latched Comparator Using gm/Id Sizing Method

  • A Low Power Programmable Bandpass Filter For Digital Radio Mondiale