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Rai, S.

  • Evaluation of Azadirachtin on Mortality and Feeding Inhibition Efficacy of Anomala blanchardi Blanch (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae), a Major Pest of Primary Tasar Food Plants

  • Growth Studies in Winter Pruned Rainfed Mulberry, Morus Spp

  • Occurrence of Beudantite from the Son Valley Gold Belt, Uttar Pradesh - A Preliminary X-Ray Study

  • Adaptive Significance of Annual Variation in Immune Parameters and Endogenous Hormones (Melatonin and Thyroxine) of a Tropical Rodent Funambulus pennanti

  • Ocean Model Derived Global Surface Circulation and Vertical Velocity

  • In Vitro Effect of Malatonin and IL-1 (Produced by Peritoneal Macrophages) on Spleenic and Thymic Lymphocyte Proliferation of Funambulus pennanti (Indian Palm Squirrel)

  • Trade-Off Relationship between Melatonin and Gonadal Steroid on Melatonin Receptor (MEL 1A R) Expression in Lymphoid Tissue