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Bhattacharya, S.

  • Current Status of Snakehead Diversity in India:Care and Concerns

  • A Study of Pebble Deformation in the Precambrian Rocks of Singhbhum District, Bihar

  • Event Stratigraphy and Physico-Chemical Characters of Banded Gneissic Complex and Associated Supracrustals in the South Mewar Plains of Rajasthan

  • Surfactants in Enhanced Oil Recovery

  • Imprints of Early Deformation Structures, Fabric Development and Mineral Growth in the High Mg-Al Sapphirine Granulites, Eastern Ghats Granulite Belt, India

  • In vitro Comparative Antioxidant Activity of Ethanolic Extracts of Glycosmis pentaphylla, Bauhinia variegata and Leucas aspera

  • Seasonal Reproduction in Fish:A Functional Interplay between the Pineal Organ and Photoperiods

  • A Novel Blind Source Separation Algorithm using Bussgang Criterion and Natural Gradient

  • Properties and Behaviour of MMA Welding Slag