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Mokhale, S. U.

  • Information Sources Used by Gram Panchayat Members for Agricultural Development

  • Educational Aspiration of Farm Labourers about their Children

  • Impact of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) on the Beneficiaries

  • Extent of Adoption of Ajwain Production Technology by the Farmers

  • Knowledge of Production Technology by Soybean Growers

  • Knowledge and Adoption of Production Technology by Ajwain Growers

  • Adoption of Soil Test Recommendations by the Farmers

  • Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Vegetable Growers

  • Technological Gap in Red Gram Cultivation

  • Attitude of Beneficiares towards Agricultural Technology Management Agency

  • Adoption Gap in Recommended Practices of Chickpea

  • Knowledge and Adoption of Recommended Practices of Brinjal

  • Knowledge and Adoption of Recommended Cultivation Technologies by the Chilli Growers

  • Knowledge of Orange Root Stock by Orange Nursery Growers

  • Knowledge of Goat Husbandry Practices by Goat Keepers in Amravati District

  • Study on use of MARKNET Facility by Vegetable Growers

  • A Study on Information Sources Utilized by Cotton Growers

  • Information Sourcs used by the Farmers for Marketing

  • Technological Knowledge of Farmers About the Use of Biofertilizer

  • Knowledge of the Members about Working of the Self-Help Groups

  • Adoption of Goat Husbandry Practices by Goat Keepers in Amravati District

  • Aspiration of Students Attending Agriculture as Vocational Subject in Higher Secondary School in Amravati

  • Knowledge of Information and Communication Technology Tools by Orange Growers

  • Difficulties Faced by The Members About Working of The Self-Helf Groups

  • Adoption of Orange Root Stock by Orange Nursery Growers

  • Constraint Analysis in use of Soil and Water Conservation Practices by The Farmers in Amravati District, Maharashtra

  • Soil Quality Concepts and Assessment

  • Knowledge of Home Science Technologies by the Tribal Women

  • Occupational Aspiration of Korku Tribal Farmers

  • Content Analysis of Agrowon Daily with Special Reference to Horticulture Information