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Bennet, S. S. R.

  • Note on the Occurrence of Tricholopis elongata Dc. In Eastern Himalaya

  • Nomenclature of a Burmese Bamboo-Melocanna humilis Kurz

  • Note on the Occurrence of Cuphea carthagensis from India

  • Notes on an Exotic Bamboo-Thyrsostachys siamensis Gamble

  • Litsea robusta Blume (Lauraceae) a New Record for India

  • Pleioblatus simonii (carriere) Nakai-a Bamboo New to India from Arunachal Pradesh

  • A New Cleidion from India

  • A New Species of Pileostegia Hook. f.⊄ Th. (Hydrangeaceae) from Arunachal Pradesh (India)

  • Viburnum betulifolium and V. sempervirens (Caprifoliaceae) New Records for India from Arunachal Pradesh

  • The Common Indian Ginseng

  • Six New Names and Two New Combinations for Flowering Plants

  • A New Species of Clerodendrum Linn. (Verbenaceae) from India

  • Ethnobotanical Studies in Sikkim

  • Indian Ginseng

  • Five New Combinations and a New Name for Indian Flowering Plants

  • A New Combination in Oxygraphis Bunge (Ranunculaceae)

  • Schefflera hoi (Dunn) Viguier (Araliaceae)-a Tree New to India

  • Nomenclatural Changes in some Flowering Plants

  • A New Species of Wrigiitia R.Br. (Apocynaceae) from India

  • Occurance of the Genus Myagrum Linn. (Cruciferae) in Northern India

  • Botanical Identity of Pyinkado and Irul

  • Ethnobotanical Studies in Nagarhaveli Forests-some Interesting Native Drugs

  • A Note on an Infraspecific Taxon of Albizia chinensis (Osbeck) Merrill

  • Nomenclatural Notes on Three Celastraceous Species from India

  • Scurrula ferruginea (Jack) Danser from Western Peninsula of India

  • A Note on the Name Holigarna grahamii (Anacardiaceae)

  • Two New Plant Records for West Bengal

  • Genus Kallstroemia Scop. (Zygophyllaceae) - New to Indian Flora

  • The Correct Name of the Labiatae Genus Moschosma Reichb.

  • Nomenclature of Two Indian Plants

  • Correct Botanical Name of 'Langsat'

  • A New Species of Albizia Prom Orissa

  • Occurrence of Sesamum mulayanum Nair in Goa Forests

  • A New Species of Albizia from Andhra Pradesh