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Yadav, S. R.

  • Changes in Cellular Metabolism of Brassica Nigra Due to Infection by Certain Seed Brone Fungi

  • Enzyme Activities of brassica Nigra Influenced by the Infection of Certain Seed Borne Fungi

  • Studies on Changes in Growth Pattern and Histopathology of Brassica nigra cv. Mahi Gold Due to Infection Caused by some Seed Borne Fungi

  • A Revision of the Indian Aponogetonaceae

  • Asclepiadaceae of Maharashtra

  • Aquatic Flowering Plant Wealth of South-Western Maharashtra

  • Some Un-Noticed Medicinal Uses of Flowering Plants of South Western Maharashtra

  • Correct Identity of some Folk Medicines of South Western Maharashtra

  • Response of Onion (Allium cepa L.) to Different Levels of NPK and FYM under Arid Condition of Rajasthan

  • Analysis of Selected Crinum Species for Galanthamine Alkaloid: An Anti-Alzheimer Drug

  • Impact of Sugar Factory Wastewater on Chlorophyll Content, Carbohydrate and Biomass Production of Triticum Aestivum Var. Malvia-212

  • Soil Fertility Status and Nutrient Recommendations Based on Soil Analysis of Jaisalmer District of Western Rajasthan

  • Incidence of Egg and Larval Parasitoids of Chilo partellus on Kharif Maize