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Chakraborty, S. K.

  • Corporate Values, Personal Values, Cultural Congruence and Ethics: A Critical Exploration

  • Petrology of Early Palaeozoic Lamprophyres from Schirmacher Oasis, East Antarctica

  • Depositional Architecture of Mio-Pliocene Sequences in Offshore Bengal Basin

  • Alkali Basalt of Kachchh: its Implication in the Tectonic Framework of Mesozoic of Western India

  • Chemistry of Blotites from Pelitic Schists and Granitic Rocks of McCluskieganj, District Palamau, Bihar

  • Effect of Integrated Nutrient Supply on Growth, Leaf Yield and Field Performance of Mulberry (Morus alba) under Semi Irrigated Lateritic Soil Condition of West MidNapur District, West Bengal

  • A Study of Transport Related Noise Pollution in Asansol Town, West Bengal Using Modelling Techniques

  • Taxonomic Differentiation of Goatfishes (Family-Mullidae) Based on Morphological Traits and Hard Parts

  • Comparative Osteology Based on Premaxillary Bone of Sciaenid Fishes Found in Indian Waters

  • An Inventory on the Coastal Finfish and Shellfish Species of Zuari Estuary, Southwest Coast of India

  • Biometric Analysis of Oil Sardine, Sardinella longiceps (Valenciennes, 1847) From Mumbai Coast of Maharashtra, India

  • Stock Structure Analysis of Japanese Threadfin Bream, Nemipterus japonicus (Bloch, 1791) Along the Indian Coast Based on Truss Network Analysis

  • Population Dynamics and Stock Assessment of Milk Shark, Rhizoprionodon acutus (Ruppell, 1837) Along Gujarat Coast of India

  • Diet Composition of Oil Sardine, Sardinella longiceps (Valenciennes, 1847) from Mumbai Waters of Maharashtra, India

  • Diversity and Composition of Phytoplankton Around Jaitapur Coast, Maharashtra, India

  • Food and Feeding Habits of Oil Sardine Sardinella longiceps from Ratnagiri Coast off Maharashtra India

  • Population Dynamics and Stock Assessment of Spadenose Shark Scoliodon laticaudus Muller and Henle 1839 along Gujarat Coast of India