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Sharma, Richa

  • Direct Cash Transfer Subsidy in India-Subsidy in Gas and the Way Ahead

  • A Comparative Study of Single Versus Dual Cognitive Tasks on Spatio-temporal Gait Variables in Children

  • Motivation and Quality of Work Life (QWL) Programmes as Predictors of Employee Commitment:A Study of Service Organisation in Gwalior Region

  • Hematite-Rich Concretions from Mesoproterozoic Vindhyan Sandstone in Northern India:A Terrestrial Martian 'Blueberries' Analogue with a Difference

  • MOVBOK: A Personalized Social Network Based Cross Domain Recommender System

  • Community Overlapping Detection in Complex Networks

  • Evolution of Recommender Systems from Ancient Times to Modern Era: A Survey

  • Extroversion and Introversion in Relation to Self-Care of Girls

  • Digital Preservation Using Open Source Xena Software

  • Role of Start-up Activities during Firm Formation and Development: Review Paper