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Singh, Rashmi

  • Strategies for Entrepreneurship Development through Fruit Production in Jammu and Kashmir State

  • Factors Responsible for Rice Cultivation Technology Use in Burdwan District of West Bengal

  • Fluorine Content in Water and Prevalence of Fluorosis in Kanpur City

  • Effect of Household Storage Practices on Iodine Content of Iodized Salt

  • Incorporation of Chakka by Papaya Pulp in the Manufacture of Shrikhand

  • G and P Types of Bovine Group A Rotavirus in Northern India

  • Development of Hydrophobic Platinum-Doped Carbon Aerogel Catalyst for Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange Process at High Pressure

  • School Counselling: A Necessity in Modern Education

  • Gifted Child: An Exception

  • Haematological and Immunological Response of Achyranthes aspera Leaf and Root Extracts in Arsenic-Intoxicated Female Mice (Mus musculus)

  • Drought Proofing Mechnism in Mahi Command Area through Linear Programming Model-A Case Study

  • A New Approach:Proactive Verifiable Security Scheme Based On Threshold with Key Refreshment

  • A Review on Furstenberg Family in Dynamical Systems

  • An Analysis of the Marketing Effectiveness of the Farmers

  • Isolation and Structural Elucidation of an Isothiocyanate Compound from Indigofera tinctoria Linn. Extract

  • Potential of Concentrated Photovoltaic System at Composite Climate of India

  • Design Optimization of Photovoltaic Powered Water Pumping Systems

  • An Iron Rich Food Supplement:Niger Seed Laddoo

  • Nutritional Contribution of Mid Day Meal in Daily Energy and Protein Intake of Primary School Children in Kanpur District

  • Developing Extension Model for Uptake of Precision Conservation Agricultural Practices in Developing Nations:Learning from Rice–Wheat System of Africa and India

  • Sensory Perception of Whey Enriched Cookies

  • Ameliorative Potential of Quercetin Against Paracetamol-induced Oxidative Stress in Mice Blood

  • Burnout and Emotional Intelligence among Govt. Hospital Doctors

  • Anti-hepatotoxic Potential of Indigofera tinctoria and its isolated Isothiocyanate compound ‘ITC-1’ against NPYR-CCl4 Intoxicated Mice

  • Physical Growth and Nutritional Status Assessment of School Going Children Residing in Western and Eastern Uttar Pradesh, India