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Karanth, R. V.

  • Colouration in Natural Beryls: A Spectroscopic Investigation

  • The Nature of Diamonds

  • New Petrographic Data on the Metapelites of Almora Crystallines in Kumaun Himalaya

  • A Note on the Structure of the Area Around Dughda, Chhotaudepur Taluka, Baroda District, Gujarat

  • Silica Bead Industry in Cambay, Gujarat State, India

  • Geology and Structure of the Area Around Naswadi With Special Reference to Bagh Bed Exposures, Baroda District, Gujarat

  • Gemmological Studies in Sanskrit Texts

  • A Note on the Occurrence of Carbonatite Dykes in the Lower Narmada Valley

  • Gemmological Studies in Sanskrit Texts

  • First 'International Conference on Geoscience Education and Training', 20-24 April 1993 at Southampton, England

  • "Minerals" - An Illustrated Exploration of the Dynamic World of Minerals and their Properties

  • Active Tectonics Astride Katrol Hill Zone, Kachchh, Western India

  • Need for a National Museum for Gemstones

  • Modern and Historic Seismicity of Kachchh Peninsula, Western India

  • Concise Glossary of Geology

  • Seismogeology of Kutch and Adjoining Region with Special Reference to 26th January 2001 Earthquake in the Vicinity of Bachau, Gujarat

  • Structural Intricacies: Emergent Thrusts and Blind Thrusts of Kachchh, Western India

  • Jointing and Fracturing Characteristics of Central Kachchh Mainland, Kachchh, Western India

  • Morphologic Anatomy of Normal Faults in Central Kachchh Mainland, Kachchh, Western India

  • A New Archaeological Find in the Gulf of Cambay, Gujarat

  • Geological Observations of the 26 January 2001 Bhuj Earthquake

  • The Unusual Impact Crater of Luna in Kachchh, Western India

  • Syntectonic Growth of Porphyroblasts over Crenulation Cleavages - An Example from the Precambrian Rocks of the Lunavada Group, Gujarat